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07/29/2017 6:19 am

Pizza Can Be More Than Just Crust, Tomatoes, and Cheese

Mention pizza to just about anyone in Central Idaho, and a particular type will come immediately to mind. While most people have their favorites, there are few who cannot appreciate the merits of at least a couple of different kinds of pizza. When it is time for pizza delivery ketchum residents and others in the area never have to worry about being short on choices.

From the Classics to the Newest and Most Novel Updates

In fact, local pizzerias offer up just about every conceivable style and type of pizza to people through the region. A few of those that are most commonly ordered include:

Pizza with the kind of tomato-based sauce that, to many people, is the most iconic form of the dish. The tangy, slightly acidic taste of tomatoes helps to cut through the richness of cheese and other toppings, making for an especially well rounded experience.

A type of white pizza that does away with tomatoes in favor of a combination of olive oil and garlic. With spots of fresh ricotta cheese often popping up between sheets of shredded mozzarella, this style of pizza is especially mellow and laid back, while still being satisfying.

Pizza made with Alfredo sauce in place of a puree or paste of tomatoes. As the other common style of white pizza, this is another one where the zip of red tomatoes disappears in favor of a more subdued base.

Pies covered in barbecue sauce before being topped with a suitable selection of cheese, meats, and vegetables. A true American invention, pizza of this kind is not necessarily as far off from the tomato-based classics as might be thought. Barbecue sauce normally being sweeter and smokier than most other red pizza sauces, though, a correspondingly different experience awaits.

With quite a few other options also being available and popular, there are many different and interesting takes on a dish that a great many truly love. Whichever kind of pizza moscow id residents or others in the area most prefer themselves, the average person will probably have a tough time picking a winner. One thing that all can agree upon is that just about type of pizza often hits the spot.

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